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A next generation ancestry test

TeloYears Advanced Ancestry is different because it uses next generation DNA sequencing technology.

That enables your ethnicity to be better quantified and broken down by percentage (%) across 70+ possible ethnic groups - not just into sub-lists like the leading ancestry tests. Choose the next generation in ancestry tests and get high confidence results with greater possibilities.

TeloYears Advanced Ancestry is powered by Centrillion Technology and the assay is performed at Centrillion facilities.

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Ancestry Key

  • 100.00% East Asian
    • 56.25% East China, South Central China
      • 38.97% Han
      • 3.387% Miaozu
      • 6.697% She
      • 7.217% Tujia
    • 11.39% Japan
    • 11.45% North China, Northeast China
      • 2.05% Daur
      • 1.46% Hezhen
      • 3.33% Mongola
      • 3.19% Xibo
      • 1.42% Others
    • 11.68% Northwest China
      • 2.45% Naxi
      • 4.72% Tu
      • 4.51% Yizu
    • 9.22% Southwest China
      • 6.31% Dai
      • 2.91% Lahu

Over 100 times more genome-wide data

TeloYears Advanced Ancestry is a genome-wide DNA ancestry test that leverages next generation sequencing technology. This advanced technology enables collection of over 100 times more data than other methods, resulting in accurate robust data you can be confident in without revealing sensitive health related regions of the genome.

Have more confidence in your results with full mitochondrial DNA sequencing, for the most comprehensive and accurate maternal lineage possible.


A better pie chart

Our next generation sequencing-based technology offers advanced interactive features to display your heritage in detail.

  • 3 levels of expandable ethnic regions & sub-regions

  • Maternal & paternal lineage, with migration maps, haplogroup trees and timelines

  • High confidence and standard display modes

  • Multiple global reference populations used including our own custom East Asian ancestry database

3-level pie chart

Compared to Europe, East Asian ancestry has been understudied. Thus leading ancestry tests do not break down East Asian ethnic groups in detail.

For better Asian ancestry

With our next generation sequencing, you discover not just your Chinese or Japanese roots, but also your Han, Miao, Tujia, She, Naxi, Tu, Daur, Hezhen, Mongolian, Oroqen, Xibo or Lahu heritage.

Detailed, quantified ethnic groups & sub-groups.

If you are willing to get the more complete story of you, let TeloYears plus Advanced Ancestry use next generation DNA sequencing technology to trace your origins to a broad range of ethnic regions based on multiple global reference populations.

Your ethnicity can be better quantified and broken down by percentage (%) across 70+ possible ethnic groups - not just into sub-lists like the leading ancestry tests. Our scientifically curated reference populations reflect hundreds of maternal and paternal haplotype groups representing worldwide ancestry populations and migration paths.

Plus we offer more comprehensive East Asian ethnic groups than the leading ancestry tests and a Jewish grandparent estimation too.

View ethnic regions offered by TeloYears Advanced Ancestry.


Cutting-edge technology

Privacy Protection

Built-in Privacy Protection

We take your privacy seriously. We understand that a concern raised by genetic testing is the potential for sensitive information to be revealed or misued. That's why we have developed a proprietary method that reveals your ancestry information without compromising your private medical information such as disease risk. In fact, even if raw sequencing data was accidentally exposed, no meaningful disease information could be derived from it.

Future Proof

Future Proof

Other tests on the market use 10 to 20 year-old technologies such as genotyping, which provide limited information, and the results are not compatible with genome sequencing technology. You may find yourself wondering why they don't discover things you already know about your family history. With TeloYears Advanced Ancestry's next generation sequencing technology, you get more and future-compatible data. You don't have to worry about your data becoming obsolete.

Full Decode

Maternal Ancestry Fully Decoded

We sequence your full mitochondrial DNA, giving you the most comprehensive and accurate maternal lineage information possible. In fact, you can learn where your mitochondrial DNA places you on scientifically hypothesized branch points of human mitochondrial lineage as well as enable you to create your own maternal lineage group with your extended family.

Better East Asian ancestry

East Asia has a population of more than 1.5 billion, one-fifth of all people on the planet. But compared to European ancestry, East Asian ancestry is substantially understudied. As a result, leading ancestry tests do not provide comprehensive East Asian ethnicity information.

But not anymore. TeloYears next generation sequencing-based Advanced Ancestry service offers the finest resolution East Asian ethnicity profile. Not only can you learn the percentage of your DNA that reveals Chinese or Japanese ancestry, you can discover your Han, Miao, Tujia, She, Naxi, Tu, Daur, Hezhen, Mongolian, Oroqen, Xibo or Lahu heritage.

Celebrate your Jewish ancestry

Are you Jewish? Suspect that you have Jewish roots? TeloYears Advanced Ancestry can determine your Jewish ancestry based on your DNA and estimate your number of Jewish grandparents. We can identify your Jewish genetic history from paternal and maternal relatives.

Find your place in the world

TeloYears's DNA Diversity Space graphically displays how you are similar to and different from others. Humans share 99.9% of their genetic code, meaning we are all very similar. Also, all currently living humans share a common maternal ancestor and a common paternal ancestor, meaning we are all related at some branch point on the tree of humanity. Nonetheless, the 0.1% of our DNA is key to what makes us all unique. Really makes us appreciate the beauty of diversity.

Visualize your beautiful genome

We offer Chromosome Painting, a visual display of your ethnicity composition at the chromosome level. It's a unique and individual portrait depicting the ancestral story woven into your DNA. Because TeloYears sequences at least 12 million markers in your genome, over 100 times more than leading ancestry tests, you can examine your chromosome portrait in much finer detail. You can zoom into each segment of each chromosome.

A more complete story of you.

TeloYears gives you more because it's the actionable DNA health test that tracks your cellular age based on your telomeres combined with the world's first genome-wide ancestry test to use next generation DNA sequencing.

That's inspirational health knowledge plus your fascinating heritage in high definition.

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Ancestry Key

  • 82.96% European
    • 3.26% Basque County
    • 27.10% British Isles
    • 5.91% Caucasus
    • 4.35% France
    • 3.83% Iberian Peninsula
    • 19.32% Italian Peninsula
    • 3.45% Russia
    • 5.60% Sardinia
    • 10.16% Scandinavia
  • 13.74% West Asian
    • 1.79% Bedouin
    • 1.62% Druze
    • 4.46% Mozabite
    • 4.46% Palestinian
    • 1.41% Others
  • 3.30% South Asian
    • 2.70% Kalash
    • 0.60% Others

Proprietary DNA sequencing technology

Scientists at Centrillion Technologies, Inc. ( were first to develop the comprehensive next generation sequencing-based DNA ancestry test as a part of our effort to make genomics accessible to consumers. The test is based on a proprietary design built into the DNA sequencing technology providing data that offers the highest level of privacy protection for consumers. We are glad to collaborate with Telomere Diagnostics to offer Teloyears Advanced Ancestry.

Centrillion is focused on developing advanced genomics technologies to enhance and improve life. We are also manufacturing DNA chips for advanced DNA sequencing and analysis. While we continue to help scientists solve life’s many mysteries, we also believe that it’s important for everyone, not just scientists, to understand and utilize the power of genomic technologies. Be an Explorer. Experience the Genome.